Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Technically Speaking

Technically Speaking...

So, I’m at dinner with a friend when she tells me her latest romance which lasted approximately 3 months is over. No big deal really, they hadn’t dated very long and it was one of those “trying to fit a circle peg into a square hole” kinda’ things. So it wasn’t that big of a surprise. But what made me get my pretty pink Victoria’s in a wad was the way he had called it quits…by text. I almost up-chucked my artichoke right there in front of our friendly server Tanisha. My friend was worth being broken up with in person. Seriously…what is going on these days?

How is it that with all the “advancements” we’ve had over the past few decades it seems as though there’s been a decline in communication skills and a rise in divorce rate? Couples come home after work and jump on the computer before they even embrace after being apart all day. One half of the couple stays up late at night on the computer when they could be doing a job in the bedroom that’s a hell of a lot more fun than any tapping of the keys might be. And unfortunately men and women sometimes find out about infidelity via some sort of technology (email, dating sites, etc.).

Even dating is becoming some sort of a technology joke. My friend Anna said she was on a date just last week where the guy was sending “work texts” via his phone all night. Then a mutual friend called him and wanted to speak to her. While on the phone, the message alert sounded and a text message revealed that he’d been texting not just another woman…but multiple women sexy and erotic text messages while with her. What in the name of Verizon is going on?Has dating, like our daily lives become just one big multi-tasking activity? I’m not trying to sound like my baby-boomer mom here but “my, my, how times have changed”.

I don’t have kids…but I have friends that do. I have to say, I don’t know how you guys do it. My hat’s off to you my friends in trying to preserve their youth past age 5. And although I am not a mother, I do have some more time left on this planet and I’m a little worried about the future.
I remember how in middle school the phone would ring and I’d scurry off to my bedroom to get some privacy just to talk to my best friend about how scary the new “Thriller” tape is or how I was going through a bottle of hairspray every week. Now a parent has to worry about internet porn or threat of sleazy online predators to keep them busy. Think about it, kids can literally be brainwashed by a stranger without even leaving their home. Scary.

My friend Sara is a teacher in a local middle school who says you can hear a pin drop in her homeroom. Do you remember homeroom? Mine was so loud the teacher had to get us quiet so we could hear the morning announcements. Kids were throwing paper or talking about anything and everything. Now, my friend says she walks in and they are all looking down texting, playing games, or sitting there listening to their I-pods. They even text the friend beside them instead of talking. Granted I know it’s quieter for the teachers, but Jesus on ice skates, kids need to learn communication skills! What's gonna happen in the coming years when their spouse does something that hurts their feelings...text they want a divorce because that would be easier than actually trying to work things out face to face? Or maybe find out by a status change on Face Book?

Please know that I do love the advancements in technology. They have enhanced my everyday life and I tip my hat to Bill Gates every time I get an email from a close friend. And from a business perspective it quite simply ROCKS! I just really think that some of us are taking it a little too far…using it for an escape almost for what lies beyond our front doors, because with technology you control the environment...out there it’s a different story. It also makes it easier to escape a situation that we’re too chicken to face, an excuse for not being honest, and at times allows us to just show a lack of integrity.

This is life people…it’s all about balance. Post your status, check your email, Tweet your favorite twit, buy some stuff, and then…look at that person sitting across from you. That’s really what life is about...N BTW, u may hv so mch fun u find urself LOLing n no time...


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