Monday, April 6, 2009

Let Your Haters be Your Motivators....

"There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women." ~Madeleine Albright

If Madeleine were here I’d give her a pat on the ass for that one. I try to always make this blog a forum to get us to join forces and celebrate being women, but we have to face the facts. Some women are just buggars. When I look back at history and how long it’s taken us to get to where we are today it makes me madder than a hornet that any woman would even fathom destroying what another has worked so hard for. We are now equals in the household and can(if we choose to) be the bread winner of the family. But still, every day these self-centered hussies are just chomping at the bit to destroy anything from another woman’s marriage to her career.

It’s almost like these women can’t count their own blessings and be happy and content with what they have(a loving family,friends, children, job, their health) . They must either destroy or have what another woman has. You see, this makes them feel in control of a life that they can’t control...their own. If they can destroy or harm you, they have at least controlled that situation, and not had to examine what’s really going on in their own life.

The whole time they are so worried about getting what they don’t have, their own life begins to unravel. My grandmother used to always say that some people spend so much time worrying about their neighbor’s grass on the other side, that their own yard ends up looking like crap(she always had a way with words ;-) ).

So, what do you do about these women? Forgive them and pray for them….seriously. No matter what they’ve done to you. If you can’t do it on your own, then consult a higher power. I don’t care if that’s God, Buddha, Mohamed, Jehovah, Krishna or the Huffy bike in your garage that you worship daily. Pray, meditate or do whatever you can to get that ugly stuff out of your heart because it will hold you back.
And let’s be honest, you’re on the road to greatness. Don’t let one Bitter Betty stand in your way!
And by the way….the best revenge is living well. So do it ;-)